Hot Flashes Treatment

Customer Praises and Opinions

Dr. Nutter I have been using Flash-eez bands on selected patients for hot flashes and night sweats since October 2009. I appreciate that fact that I now have a non-pharmacological treatment to use for these problems. I have given them to 24 patients with a 75% success rate. I wholeheartedly endorse the use of Flash-eez for hot flashes and night sweats because of the excellent results and complete lack of side effects.

Denver Nutter MD Medical Director, Vallacare Health Services

My name is Maureen Brady, Dr. Nutter gave me a sample of your product. I am taking medicine that gives me hot flashes. I put it on yesterday and sleep without a hot flash. I took it off today after showering and the flashes started so I put it back on, immediately the flash stopped. I sent the second one to my father in NY b/c he has cancer and his meds are causing hot flashes.

I would love to give a statement/testimonial for my father as well. I sent a band to my father in NY, he said that last night was his 1st night that he didn't wake up drowning in sweat and this is with us each only using one band. Thank you for creating it. God Bless

Maureen Brady

Debbie I was having the most intense hot flashes, especially at night! I tried the flash-eez now for one month. To my surprise it really helped. I no longer have to get out of bed and stand in the freezer to cool down. I just grab my new "pinky ring" (flash-eez) and slip it on. My flashes don't reach their peak. Instead they just start to subside and within a couple minutes I take it off and go back to sleep. I now carry it with me all the time. no more sweaty clothes for me! Thanks!

Debbie Burns

marna I manage a fitness center in Florida where it can get really hot and teach 2 to 3 classes a day. I'm 59 years old , don't eat red meat, veal, lamb or pork and don't want any part of hormone therapy. Someone introduced me to ' Flash-eez", and terrific...So easy to use. Thanks so much.


lin I've been on hormone therapy for two years. The only major side effect has been ever increasing hot flashes. Recently they've gotten so bad that I wake up numerous times at night. During the day they come and go but are very bothersome. I was very much a doubter of the possibility that Flash-Eez could help my problem. I've tried similar products like the wrist bands for sea sickness before with no success. In desperation I tried Flash-Eez It's like a miracle! When a hot flash is coming on I put on Flash-Eez and almost immediately feel the cool down starting. I've started wearing the ring at night and am now sleeping through the night. Flash-Eez is a great product.
Linn in Seneca,SC

Myers I had been having night sweats almost every night until about 7 weeks ago, when I started using Flash-Eez I've awoken with night sweats twice since that time because I forgot to use the aid!!
I have done some experimenting and have notice if I stop using it I start getting the "hot flashes" during the day!!!
An instance reminder that I have been forgetting to slip it on

Dessa E.Myers; Sun City Center, Fl.

Hi,I'm at Mom's waiting for the rain to stop, so will take time to sing my praises for Flash-Eez I used to think it was funny when Mom complained about "hot flashes and night sweats", but I found out it's not so funny. Since using Flash-eez, I no longer wake in the middle of the night in soggy nightgown on damp sheets! I don't know how or why it works, but it certainly does!!

Donetta S. Myers; Riverview, Fl.

Sonnie As a breast cancer survivor my hormone supply was nonexistent. I had hot flashes constantly until I was introduced to Flash-eez. Now I can have control of my hot flashes and it lets me sleep through the night. I never leave home without them.

Sonnie; Indianapolis. Indiana

John and Pam Having being diagnosed with prostate cancer I was given the female hormone injection Lupron as part of my treatment. This created hot flashes and night sweats. Since my wife was introduced to the Flash-eez finger band, it was a "no brainer" for me to try them and they worked for me with the same great results as she has. They are so convenient to use.

John and Pam; Punta Gorda FL.

Janice Ever since I started using the Flash-EEZ finger bands, when is get hot flushes, it nipps them in the bud!!!! They are no longer as severe. Thank you for such a great product. I can’t leave home without them.

Janice; Uspridge Middlesex, England

Norma I am in good health, over 70 and post menopausal. I was introduced to Flash-Eez by a friend and was very pleased and surprised that something as simple as these foil rings, can actually reduce or eliminate the discomfort of hot flashes.

Norma; Punta Gorda, FL

Heidi I never thought I would need these at my young age of 40 but after giving a set of them to my mother for her hot flashes and hearing the positive results she had I decided to try them for my own benefit. I have been using the Flash-eez for several months with significant results. my intermediate night sweats and nausea is alleviated shortly after wearing them. I am grateful to you for introducing these to both myself and my mother. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joanna I have had really bad hot flashes for many years. I have been using the metallic finger band for a few months. The first night I used it, I had NO hot flashes. I have not had any hot flashes since I started using them. I especially like the fact that I don't have to take any medication or hormones anymore. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from hot flashes. Thank you!

Joanna M, Acworth, GA

I was lucky to be selected to test the new Flash-eez. I have been suffering from hot flashes for over 10 years. Nothing has worked to help stop them until I tried the Flash-eez bands. They are all natural, easy to customize to your little fingers and discreet to wear. I carry them with me all the time.

Judy from Greensboro, North Carolina

I definitely have relief when I have put it on for flashes and it is great during the day (which is a huge plus, believe me) I do think they may be helping at night. I am possibly not waking up so wet. Hard to tell since our air conditiong isn't working so well in the bedroom. I am sometimes wet from the inside out and the outside in. This has been a good experience. I have been spreading your good news to friends who could use help. Your market should be long and strong.


Joanna Hello My name is Kathie.
For years now I have been using Flash-eez strips. I have had hot flashes for the last 25 years...Every day. I tried all the natural remedies....I was on hormones for a while which did work but I did not want to stay on them.
I was watching a TV program one day that was showing different things you could try for relief. I saw the testimony of a woman who absolutely was convinced that this product was the only thing that helped her.
Well, I got on the website and ordered a free trial. I have not been the same since.
I have a friend who has to sleep with fans on her all the time...She has had to do this for years. I gave her a set to try and the relief was instant! She couldn't believe it herself.

I love Flash-eez and would recommend it highly to anyone who struggles with hot flashes!!!

Kathie Crescenzi

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Migraine Relief Testimonials

Mara I suffer from very bad migraines caused usually by stress. They can last 24 - 72 hours. Last time I had a migraine I decided to give Flash-EZZ a try. My migraine went away in two hours. I just placed the bands in my fingers and layed in bed. The pain started going away in a very short time. A migraine that usually lasts more than 2 days was gone in 2 hours. And, no nasty side effects like the ones I have with the migraine medicine.


I wanted to follow up with you on my use of the band. After my initial experience that Sunday I felt great on Monday. Tuesday another headache started. I reached for the band. As soon as I put it on the headache eased. This went on for the next 3 days….the headache would come on and I would put on the band which relieved the pain…no meds. (I need to tell you this is how my headaches are...they linger for days at a time.) By Friday I had a migraine. I wore the band all day. It gave me relief from the pain in my head but I eventually took some ibuprofen to relieve the pain in my back and neck which always accompanies my migraines. Saturday I was migraine free! That was with only 6 ibuprofens – 3 at noon on Friday and 3 at 6:00 PM on Friday…normally I take at the very least double that amount while experiencing a migraine not to mention I would have been “popping” them all week. I was so impressed by my experience I have decided to buy bands for all my friends who suffer from migraines (I have already told them how wonderful the results were for me). Thank you so much for your work in this area.

Ellie Kurzawa Tampa, FL

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