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Dr. Greg Den Haese.jpg I feel that if a woman does not have to take Hormone Replacements, then it is in her best interest to try the Hot Flash Relief of Flash-EEZ. I have been offering this all natural Hot Flash remedy to my patients as an alternative. As with any medical product, it does not work for everyone. Results show that 7 out of 10 of my patients have beneficial impacts to one or more of their menopause symptoms using these new revolutionary Flash-EEZ pinky bands.

DR. Greg Den Haese, M.D., Ph.D.

Debbie I was having the most intense hotflashes, especially at night! I tried the flash-eez hot flashes treatment and night sweats treatment now for one month. To my surprise it really helped. I no longer have to get out of bed and stand in the freezer to cool down. I just grab my new "pinky ring" (flash-eez) and slip it on. My flashes don't reach their peak. Instead they just start to subside and within a couple minutes I take it off and go back to sleep. I now carry it with me all the time. no more sweaty clothes for me! Thanks!

Debbie Burns

lin I've been on hormone therapy for two years. The only major side effect has been ever increasing hotflashes. Recently they've gotten so bad that I wake up numerous times at night from night sweats. During the day they come and go but are very bothersome. I was very much a doubter of the possibility that Flash-Eez could help my problem. I've tried similar hot flashes treatment and night sweats treatment products before, like the wrist bands for sea sickness, with no success. In desperation I tried Flash-Eez. It's like a miracle! When a hotflash is coming on I put on Flash-Eez and almost immediately feel the cool down starting. I've started wearing the ring at night and am now sleeping through the night. Flash-Eez is a great product.

Linn in Seneca,SC

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Are You Getting Burnt Out From Your Hotflashes or Night Sweats? Looking for Hot Flashes Treatment or Night Sweats Treatment?

Are you or someone you love, suffering from hotflashes or night sweats? Are you tired of paying for prescription hormone patches, or trying herbal remedies for hot flashes that just don't seem to be making a difference?

Well, Flash-eez is your solution! Flash-eez helps to reduce, or even to eliminate hotflashes and night sweats, caused by Menopause, Hormonal Imbalance, or due to any other medical conditions which may cause hotflashes.

Did you know that many men experience hotflashes in addition to women? As men age, testosterone levels drop, which contributes to hotflashes.

The Flash-eez Finger Band is a revolutionary new product which provides hot flashes treatment and night sweats treatment, for both men and women.

Our product works by using its unique, all natural material. Flash-eez is one-size-fits-all; an ideal fit for both men and women. The band is 100% safe, is available over-the-counter, and has no side-effects.

For more information on how Flash-Eez is the perfect replacement for other hot flashes treatment, hot flash remedies, and night sweats treatment, or to place an order, please click "order" in the menu above.

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